Poster / EOB Storage

  • Storage of EOBs for easy retrieval
  • Posting tool to aid in posting
  • Following posting bar to help keep track while posting
  • Backtrack previous clicks to look for skipped post
  • Stick notes to EOB
  • Show all clicks made to aid in looking for a missed posting
  • Rotate a page or all pages
  • Store EOB by carrier and check number and keep a log with check and amount
  • Posting timer – tracks time it takes to post for statistical analysis
  • Cloud base no software to install or maintain
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Can last search for EOBs and view or download

The Poster tool is what we use internally to speed up the process of posting paper EOBs and to store and search for posted EOBs.

It has made a dramatic difference for us posting and now it is available for you. The tool is not complicated but has features that make the life of a poster considerably easier.